5 techniques you can learn from TimeCop1983

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TimeCop1983 is one of the most revered synthwave producers of the last decade. I’ve analyzed dozens of his tracks to find out what makes him so successful. Here are 5 of his production techniques you can apply in your synthwave tracks today:


Technique 1: Simple Drums

TimeCop1983 ‘s drums are typically very simple

  • The same groove from beginning to end
  • Kick on the 1 & 3 (with 8th/16th notes for flavor) or four to the floor
  • Snare on the 2 & 4
  • Simple hi hats (often he doesn’t use any)


Technique 2: 8th or 16th Note Bass Lines

TimeCop1983’s bass lines are typically very simple

  • For slow to mid tempos, he favors continuous 16th note lines
  • For mid to fast tempos, he favors continuous 8th note lines
  • He uses root notes in his bass lines predominantly


Technique 3: 16-Bar Sections

TimeCop1983 often arranges his tracks in 16-bar sections

  • 3-4 sections with the same drums and bass
  • Main lead + harmonic accompaniment for each section
  • The vertical stack of his sections typically has no more than 4-5 voices


Technique 4: Gradual Introduction of Voices

He has a strong tendency to introduce voices gradually with filters

  • Filters a voice and opens it up towards the middle of a section
  • Uses filters in his intros
  • Closes filters when dropping a voice from a section


Technique 5: Simple 4-Bar Chord Progressions

Timecop1983 uses mostly diatonic chords and 4-bar progressions. He seldom uses borrowed or chromatic chords. Simple chords from the major or minor scale are enough for him (and his listeners worldwide).

  • Simple chords from major or minor keys
  • 3-4 chords in his progressions and often only 2
  • Most progressions are 4 bars long
  • Arranges 4-bar progressions into 16-bar sections

If you'd like to watch a tutorial of TimeCop1983's bass line techniques, here's one for you:


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