80s drum machines sample pack

80's Drum Machines FREE Sample Pack

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Synthwave Dojo is proud to bring your our first ever sample pack, 80’s Drum Machines!

It contains over 400 samples from a collection of the most iconic drum machines from the 80’s. If you’re looking to add the retro drums flavor to your productions, look no further.

Best of all…it’s completely FREE!


The samples have been carefully prepared to ensure they are well volume-matched so you don't blow your speakers or your ears when auditioning samples. We've also trimmed the start so you can drag and drop them straight into your productions without fuss.

Not only that, but we've neatly organized all samples in folders across every collection so you know that all hi hat samples are in the "Hi Hat" folder.

We've even gone a step further and used a standardized file naming convention across the entire sample pack, so for example, you know that all hi hat samples will be named "Hi Hat Closed" or "Hi Hat Open" and not "OP Hat" or "CLH" which is a huge time waster when you're in your production flow.


The sample pack includes a 17-page PDF with images, history and relevant songs made with each drum machine in the collection.


Drum Machines included in the pack:

  • Oberheim DMX
  • Simmons SDSV
  • Linn LinnDrum
  • E-mu Drumulator
  • SCI DrumTraks
  • Linn Linn9000
  • Roland TR-707
  • Roland TR-626
  • Roland R8
  • Yamaha RX5
  • Korg DDD-1

In all honesty, this is simply the best drum sample pack you can get for free online to make synthwave. Click the link below to get it.


Get the 80s Machines FREE Drum Sample Pack! 

Our now legendary sample pack contains over 400 samples from a collection of the most iconic 80's drum machines. It’s completely FREE! All samples carefully prepared and categorized to optimize your production workflow.

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